Citronella Agarbatti

Citronella Agarbatti

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Swaha Citronella incense sticks can elevate the mood and energy of any space with its calming fragrance. Light these incense sticks for a delightfully sweet citrus scent that will elevate your senses. 

Fragrance: Fresh, light & earthy with a hint of citrus

Ingredients: Dipped in 100% natural citronella oil and resins that bind the stick made of saw dust, the Citronella incense stick is all-natural in its ingredients

Uses: The earthy, citrous-y fragrance of lemongrass is both relaxing and effective in keeping mosquitoes away when used outdoors, Unlike mosquito repellents that contain harmful chemicals, this incense stick is 100 percent natural.

Each stick burns for 2hrs.
Package Contents: 35 incense sticks + an incense stand
Item Size: 24 cm x 3.99 cm x 2.01 cm